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A blog dedicated to the pairing Netherlands/Canada from Hetalia. Sometimes NSFW. Feel free to submit your art, fanfiction, cosplay, headcanons and confessions about this pairing.
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Can you draw Canada and Netherlands as a pairing please? You have such great art!



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I have already drawn it. To this.

Hetalia: Netherlands/Canada Ship Explanation


I’ve seen these done for other ships and though many people might have heard of NedCan, not that many actually know the history behind it. So here’s a summary of everything you might want/need to know about this ship. I’ll be focusing on:

  • history
  • modern relations
  • canon interactions
  • the characters


  • Dutch relations with what later would be Canada began with the foundation of Dutch colonies in North America (New Netherland) and their conflicts with the neighboring French colonies (New France). During the Franco-Dutch War, the Dutch conquered lands that are Canadian territories today. From August 1674 until the middle of 1675, Acadia remained under Dutch control. In 1675, the territory was conquered by the English.
  • During WWII, the Netherlands was supposed to remain neutral. Despite this, the Germans invaded them in May 1940. The Dutch Royal Family fleed to Engand at first but the crown princess Juliana and her two daughters continued to Canada, believing it was safer there.

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NedCan - Till death do us part | Basically fluff (~1500 words)


Things you should not do: leave me alone with nedercan's little nedcan things tag… This is for you, dearest, in the hopes that (while it’s not canonverse nedcan oops!) it’ll hold you while I continue my research and thinking about that nedcan angst fic I sorta promised :P


He’s standing at the airport like so many other anxious partners/parents/children/friends, craning his neck above the heads of those in front of him, trying to catch a glimpse…

This is the day he’s been dreaming of for months, the day he’s been counting down to on his calendar, the day that’s kept him up at night and distracted him at work. This is the day the light of his life comes home, his precious konijntje, his brave little soldier.

Matthew’s been on tour for two years now, and though there have been letters, and a couple visits home, and a few calls, nothing could ever compare to having him actually physically there. He wants to fall asleep with Matthew curled in his arms, wants to wake up next to him, wants to be with him for the rest of their lives.

And it’s almost scary, the way he stares into his future and sees nothing but Matthew. It’s the reason he’s standing at the airport with a little box in his pocket, palms sweaty and heart hammering in his chest, standing on tip-toes and desperately scanning the crowds. He’s come to realize with utter certainty that Matthew’s the one he wants by his side and he doesn’t want to wait any longer.

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by Grace Chen

I just wanted to make sure people knew this exists…

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