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A blog dedicated to the pairing Netherlands/Canada from Hetalia. Sometimes NSFW. Feel free to submit your art, fanfiction, cosplay, headcanons and confessions about this pairing.


kiss meme request for america-you-wanker. sorry it took so long!


eyes are a struggle. anyways, i wanted to colour this in. i shouldn’t have to be honest


Headcanon: After WWII, it’s well known that Canada sheltered Princess Juliana and her daughters for Netherlands. They helped restore and return the royal family in which Netherlands, who adores his royalty, was extremely relieved of their safety and return. 100,000 tulips were sent in appreciation, including another 20,500 bulbs from Princess Juliana because that was all he could afford. It’s also well known that there was a promise for Netherlands to give Canada 10,000 tulip bulbs each year in appreciation and eternal gratitude. Even if Netherlands has diligently  kept this promise for almost 70 years now, he still feels as if it’s never enough gratitude to simply give flowers when Canada saved a severely important part of his nation, if not the heart of his own being. The night before the Canadian Tulip Festival, he’ll still feel so guilty that he’ll cry.


read while hearing this!!! warning: extremely pointless and has a lot of skips 


Belgium was the first person Netherlands told that he loved Canada. In the end, Belgium was the one who encouraged him to confess his feelings.

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☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon

I could actually never decide which one of them is able to hold their drink better, tho I don’t think either of them has a super high tolerance - they’d easily lose a drinking contest to any of the Nordics or Eastern-Europeans. Maybe Ned would last a little longer, because, you know, Germanic blood.

As for when already drunk:

When a little drunk, Ned gets a lot more talkative and expressive than normally, even cheesy at times. He’d spurt out the most pathetic pick-up lines he’d never say sober (“Are you a maple tree? ‘Cause I’d tap that.~”) Matt actually finds it funny, if not a little cute. It’s not so funny when Ned gets too drunk tho, because then he gets super possesive and irritable and would pick a fight with anyone who just looks at Matt for longer than a second. That’s when Matt decides it’s time for them to leave the bar.

As for Matt, he’s a rather emotional drunk; at first he’s just more confident and a little louder but it soon leads to him ranting about all the shit he has/had to deal with from his brother and everyone else, and lets out all his bottled up feelings in one long session. After having to put a sobbing Matthew to bed a few times, Ned is very careful about not letting him drink too much. Not just because it’s painful to watch but he also wishes Matt would talk to him about these things more while sober.


So I finished the Nedcan Kid I was drawing, (Still haven’t found a name for the ask blog but eh well) I decided to give him a pet rabbit just because I can. 

(Sorry it loos dumb, tumblr is being a dick and keeps re-sizing everything, also a reference image was used for the pose)


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